Language - Novel Study (Reading Strategies)

Reading Strategies for Intermediate Grades/High School 


Visualizing is about creating mental images of the characters and setting, using evidence from the text to assist you. Visualizing uses:
  • details from the text (i.e., narration, dialogue, description etc).
Task: Character Mind Map 

Compare-and-Contrast is used to highlight the similarities and differences between two concepts. This strategy is used to clarify thinking and define ideas. The use of transition words is also practiced. 

Task: Researching about the 1960's

Summarizing is an overview of the most important information from texts. 
Summaries are: 
  • short, clear and concise 
  • includes the most relevant and important ideas only 
  • ideas are logically communicated 
  • ideas are written in your own words 
Summaries are not: 
  • long and lengthy 
  • a list of everything that has happened
  • an opinion of what has happened
Task: Chapter Summaries

Making Inferences is when you use clues from the text to figure out what the author doesn't tell you. In other words, you are reading "between the lines". Making inferences means choosing the most likely explanation from the facts at hand. 
Inferences are: 
  • clues from the text + your background knowledge = inference
Task: Outsiders Tasks (Diary Entry from Cherry/Darry's point-of-view; Police Report; Advice to the Newcomer)