How Math is Assessed in Room 32 (Categories of Achievement)

Categories of Achievement 

1. Knowledge and Understanding 
  • I select and apply the correct operations (adding, subtracting, dividing, multiplying) and units (i.e., cm, kg, m).
  • I understand and solve math computations accurately. 
2. Thinking 

     When I approach a math problem:
  • I understand what is being asked and think of a game plan to solve it. 
  • I carry out the plan. 
  • I look back at my solution and evaluate it (Am I able to justify and prove how I arrived at my answer?)
  • I use creative and critical thinking processes to problem-solve. 
3. Communication
  • I can clearly express my mathematical thinking orally, visually and/or in written form. 
  • I can present my data in a logical way that others can follow
  • I use the appropriate vocabulary and terminology
4. Application 
  • I can apply what has been learned to familiar contexts (e.g. current math unit). 
  • I can translate what I have learned to new contexts (e.g., other math units, other subject areas, real-life applications). 

For more information, visit Ontario Math curriculum, pages 22-23