Sunday, May 4, 2014

News/ Upcoming Events for the Week of May 5th


1. Upcoming Field Trip
Last week, I handed out Permission Forms for a field trip to Kortright Centre for the Geomapping Activity. This will occur next Monday May 12th. This ties into Geography and Math because in groups, you will be given a handheld GPS device to help you find hidden treasures, or "caches" in this conservation centre. All Intermediates are taking part in this activity.

2. S.T.E.M Roller Coaster  Projects 
You should be working on completing your Science Roller Coaster Projects. Please keep in mind that your projects are now due a day earlier: Thursday May 8th, 2014. Our class has been selected to showcase this as a part of S.T.E.M  Education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) at our school.

3. Track and Field
On Tuesday May 6th, the school will be having a Track and Field Day for grades 1-6. Grade 7 and 8 students will be taking part in the events through the Physical Education program and will not participating on Tuesday.

4. Morning Meal Contributions
Morning Meal Contributions are due tomorrow for the month of May. If you would like to receive a snack, please return your envelopes to me so I can add you to the list of those participating in the program.