Wednesday, March 19, 2014

News/ Upcoming Events for the Week of March 17th

Upcoming News/Events for the Week of March 17 


1. There is an on-going Dance Presentation that you and your groups should be working on. Now that the Powerpoint presentation is complete, please aim at finding an appropriate song to now choreograph a number!

2. We will be beginning a Roller Coaster Mini-project next Monday as our culminating task for our current Science unit. Have an idea about the group you may want to work with. Also, brainstorm ideas about materials you may want to use...(think toilet paper rolls, newspaper, bottle cans etc.) Remember, the idea is to create a track for a "marble" car. 

3. Next Wednesday March 26th as a part of our Human Geography Unit on Population Distribution and Patterns, both Grade 8 classes will be embarking on field trips to explore our downtown core. While the Extended French students are visiting Toronto's Business District, we will be exploring Kensington Market & Chinatown. These are two events that are planned through the Harbourfront Centre. 

To find out more information, you are welcome to check it out at Harbourfront Centre's School Visits Website . 

4. Next Thursday March 27th, we will be having a special presentation from Scientists in the School that will help us introduce the next unit, Fluids.